Plain software

"No bells, no whistles"

The following suite of programs have been developed for use by micro to small Business Proprietors and professional Bookkeeppers. They are designed to be complete as they stand and any future development will be in response to users input or requests or to correct errors found during useage. There is no intention to modify the software in any way other as defined earlier.

Cashbook -

Specifically designed for use in micro to small business. Easy to use, keyboard driven Cashbook and basic Debtors/Creditors Ledger program. Designed as a stand alone single user system.


Payroll -

As Cashbook above but also contains a simple Payroll.


Bureau -

Designed for professional Bookkeepers. Includes Cashbook, Debtors/Creditors Ledger, Payroll and a Stock Control Module. Allows a Bookkeeper or individual Business to perform basic Bookkeeping functions for a number of Clients or Business Entities.